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1955 Armstrong Siddeley Limousine

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7 Seat Limousine

The long flowing classic empress coach lines of the 1950s emphasized by the two-tone paintwork make this rare classic a real head-turner.

The exceptionally large rear compartment, with two folding occasional seats incorporated in the centre partition, provides an unrivaled amount of space.

You can seat seven passengers or transport the Bride in the elegance she deserves.

Please note: this car is particularly suited to aged or infirm guests due to the size of the door openings and the upright position of the seating.

The interior is West of England cloth, Wilton carpets, and walnut veneer woodwork.

This is a luxury car from an elegant era that was on par with Rolls Royce in its day.

“By land by sea by air” was the Siddeley company motto. They made boat, car, and aircraft engines which were later merged into the Rolls Royce group.

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